Hsiao-Hung Pai wins the Bread & Roses Award 2013

12 May

We’re delighted to announce that Hsiao-Hung Pai has won the Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing 2013 for her book ‘Scattered Sand: The Story of China’s Rural Migrants’ published by Verso. The announcement was made at the London Radical Bookfair at Conway Hall on Saturday 11th May. Due to ill health Hsia-Hung wasn’t able to attend, and so the award was acceptedon her behalf by Sarah Shin of Verso Books.
In making the announcement guest judge Nina Power described ‘Scattered Sand’ as “a vivid, intimate and highly-engaging picture of work in contemporary China. Pai’s book evidences compassion and passion in equal measure for the workers she talks to, and presents a highly convincing, if often depressing, portrait of rural to urban migration and economic exploitation. Pai’s account is an extremely worthy winner for Bread and Roses, and represents all that is important about radical, cutting-edge writing and publishing: reading Scattered Sand, one is simultaneously informed and impressed by the quality of the research, the humanity of the author and the devastating qualities of the situation she describes.”


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