The Bread & Roses Longlist 2015

25 Feb

This year, for the first time, we’re publishing a longlist, comprised of all eligible books submitted for the award. Thanks to all the authors and publishers who made a submission.

Title Author Publisher
Bread, Freedom, Social Justice: Workers and the Egyptian Revolution Anne Alexander & Mostafa Bassiouny Zed Books
The Second World War: A Marxist History Chris Bambery Pluto
England, Arise: The People, the King and the Great Revolt of 1381 Juliet Barker Little Brown
Singing from the Floor: A History of British Folk Clubs JP Bean Faber and Faber
A Materialism for the Masses: Saint Paul and the Philosophy of Undying Life Ward Blanton Columbia
Wounding the World: How Military Violence and War-Play Invade our Lives Joanna Bourke Virago
The Glass Closet: Why Coming Out is Good Business John Browne ebury
Deciphering Capital Alex Callinicos Bookmarks
Things Written Randomly in Doubt Allan Cameron Vagabond
Black Artists in British Art: A History Since the 1950s Eddie Chambers I.B. Tauris
Economics: The User’s Guide Ha-Joon Chang Pelican Introduction
Inequality and the 1% Danny Dorling Verso
Here We Stand: Women Changing the World Helena Earnshaw & Angharad Penrhyn Jones Honno
Land and Labour: Marxism, Ecology and Human History Martin Empson Bookmarks
Yes: The Radical Case for Scottish Independence James Foley & Pete Ramand Pluto
Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline Malu Halasa et al Saqi
The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man Luke Harding Faber and Faber / Guardian Books
Good Times, Bad Times: The Welfare Myth of Them and Us John Hills Policy press
The Magic Kingdom: Property, Monarchy, and the Maximum Republic Dan Hind Zero
Eleanor Marx: A Life Rachel Holmes Bloomsbury
Stitched Up: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion Tansy E. Hoskins Pluto
The Establishment: And how they get away with it Owen Jones Allen Lane
The Rich: From Slaves to Super-Yachts: A 2,000-Year History John Kampfner Little Brown
The Temporary Bride: A Memoir of Love and Food in Iran Jennifer Klinec Virago
How To Speak Money John Lanchester Faber and Faber / Guardian Books
Farmageddon: The True Cost of Cheap Meat Philip Lymbery & Isabel Oakeshott Bloomsbury
Mammon’s Kingdom: An Essay on Britain, Now David Marquand Allen Lane
What the **** is Normal?! Francesca Martinez ebury
Living with Dying: Finding Care and Compassion at the End of Life Margaret McCartney Pinter & Martin
Syria: From the Great War to Civil War John McHugo Saqi
Private Island: Why Britain Now Belongs to Someone Else James Meek Verso
The New Urban Question Andy Merrifield Pluto
The Islamist Phoenix Loretta Napoleoni Policy Press
Malign Velocities: Accelerationism and Capitalism Benjamin Noys Zero Books
Austerity Bites: A Journey to the Sharp End of Cuts in the UK Mary O’Hara Policy Press
In the Name of the People: Angola’s Forgotten Massacre Lara Pawson I.B. Tauris
Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies and Revolution Laurie Penny Bloomsbury
Another Man’s War: The Story of a Burma Boy in Britain’s Forgotten African Army Barnaby Phillips One World
The Politics of the Body: Gender in a Neoliberal and Neoconservative Age Alison Phipps Polity Press
Poor but Sexy: Culture Clashes in Europe East and West Agata Pyzik Zero Books
Why Things Are Going To Get Worse: And Why We Should Be Glad Michael Roscoe World Changing
Women in Dark Times Jacqueline Rose Bloomsbury
Enemy on the Euphrates: The British Occupation of Iraq and the Great Arab Revolt 1914-1921 Ian Rutledge Saqi
Why We Can’t Afford the Rich Andrew Sayer Policy Press
Turkish Awakening: A Personal Discovery of Modern Turkey Alev Scott Faber and Faber / Guardian Books
The Global Development Crisis Ben Selwyn Polity Press
Against Austerity: How we Can Fix the Crisis they Made Richard Seymour Pluto
 Empire and Revolution: A Socialist history of the First World War Dave Sherry Bookmarks
In Place of Fear II: A Socialist Programme For An Independent Scotland Jim Sillars Vagabond
Constructed Situations: A New History of the Situationist International Frances Stracey Pluto
S.O.S. Alternatives to Capitalism Richard Swift World Changing
The People: The Rise and Fall of the Working Class, 1910-2010 Selina Todd John Murray
Feminism and Men Nikki Van Der Gaag Zed Books
Land and Freedom: The MST, the Zapatistas and Peasant Alternatives to Neoliberalism Leandro Vergara-Camus Zed Books
Racism, Class and the Racialized Outsider Satnam Virdee Palgrave Macmillan
Rules Without Rulers: The Possibilities and Limits of Anarchism Matthew Wilson Zero Books
King Mob: A Critical Hidden History David Wise et al Bread and Circuses Publishing